The media must be forced to answer for their complete lack of journalistic integrity. Fox News is the worst of all. I will expose their baseless pandering to the Republican party as much as possible. 


Millennial media and the terrifying reality of the soundbite generation

Stop the political pandering!

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Howard Kurtz makes some

sense in this editorial.

The host of the Fox News show "Media Buzz" throws some shame at both political parties for playing the Blame Game while the real news is the loss of innocent lives. 

Oh my! Fox News says bad words!

Oh..boohoo! Suspended! No $$$ for your offensive, biased opinions for two whole weeks!

Fox News contributors, Stacy Dash and Ralph Peters, were censured by the network this past week for using “unacceptable language”.

Frankly, I’m not that impressed, by their supposedly bad language, or the consequences. So, they don’t get airtime or paid for the next two weeks. Really. A little slap on the wrist for insulting the President.

Both tweeted a response.

Peters: “Don’t worry I’ll be back.” Oh yeah, like we’re worried.

Dash: “Consequences. Some of us have to pay them. Gladly.” Well, she looks hot, so…we forgive her.

 Megyn Kelly

It's no secret that millenials have unprecedented access to mass amounts of information. Between Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Tumblr and viral news sites like Buzzfeed, you can literally learn of events within minutes of them happening. And yet, how is it that we manage to be the least informed generation yet? We have dozens of facts and fragments of hundreds of issues from three sentence posts on Facebook and 140 character rants on Twitter. We have listicles galore from Buzzfeed, Nova and Yahoo news. But these soundbites leave us with thousands of brief, often one-sided opinions on complicated issues and no real idea of how to solve, articulate or debate our nation's most pressing political concerns. And although these social media sites are not the issue, they do enable an entire generation of voters to rely heavily on a media that is biased, bigoted and hardly ever blameless. Let's use our favorite example of Fox News. In a recent headline, found here, Fox News yet again flaunts it's blatant misogny in a feable attempt to expose Hillary Clinton's nefarious plans for bringing down America. The headline, which came up on my Facebook newsfeed, is an excellent example of lazy journalism and soundbite culture. It reads "When Hillary Clinton wields the word 'honestly', it's time to watch out, America." Let's ignore for the moment that the headline has nothing to do with journalism, despite the article appearing on Fox News' section for factual news stories. The bias is so abundantly obvious, it's laughable. BUT(!), here it is on my newsfeed. A sad, sudden reminder that we love to share sensational headlines instead of have meaningful debates about the actual issues. I would be shocked to learn that the person who posted that headline even bothered to read the article. And, even if he had, it would not have revealed anthing we didn't already know: that Fox News has a not-so-hidden agenda to perpatuate soundbite culture and biased news reporting without shame. 

Donald Trump is not a fan. In fact, he choose to not participate in the most recent presidential debate on the Fox network because Kelly was one of the moderators. Trump believes she is against him and singles him out. 

No one would deny that Ms. Kelly has a sharp wit and a sharp tongue to go with it; she does not suffer fools...or presidential candidates, it would appear.

But just who is Megyn Kelly and why have people sat up and taken notice of her?

Her first career was the law and she was rising in the ranks as a lawyer in Virginia. One day, she realised that she could do more and she wanted to do more. She looks up to Oprah Winfrey and she dedided she wanted to be a news reporter.

Fox News hired her and over the past 10 years have given her leeway to hone her skills. She demonstrates over and over that she is unwilling to let any random sexist comments go by without calling out the person who says them, even if its her own collegues. She doesn't mince words and she says it like it is.

Take for instance, her run-in with Trump. It was the first presidential debate and her very first question to Trump was his use of words like "digusting pig" to describe certain women. He didn't like it and he couldn't seem to understand why Kelly was pursuing this line of questioning. "I've always been nice to you," he declared.

His failure, like that of any of the males who have felt the sting of her sharp questioning, is to realise that there is a strong mind and will wrapped up in the attractive blond package. Kelly is very sure of herself.

For Fox Network the bastion of conservative news reporting, Kelly may well be the square peg in the round hole. She wanted to work at Fox because she believes in offering alternative viewpoints. However, she stays true to herself and is not afraid or hesitant to stop a collegue, pundit or politician mid-sentence and ask them to be absolutely clear.  

In 2008, The Boston Herald published a newstory about Barack Obama who was then running for president. They asserted that he had been driving around for almost two decades with a "dark little secret." That secret? About $400 in unpaid parking tickets from his days as a student at Harvard Law School. It seems they were paid off as he headed into his presidential run. Looks like someone was trying to clean up behind him. 

So, why bring this up now? At the time this was first reported, all the major networks picked it up and, of course, gave it air time. Fox News, of course, played the story over and over and over. Why? It exposed character issues.

What about this presidential race? Whose character issues are at stake now? 

Well, check out the Rubios. The New York Times reported recently that both Mr. and Mrs. Rubio had a combined 17 traffic violations over the past 20 years, and not just parking citations. Both Rubios supposedly had to agree to attend traffic school for reckless driving. 

Who came to their defense? Fox News, of course! Check out the video here called Bias Alert.

Running for president? Watch those tickets!

Political candidates need not ever worry about traffic violations again once they are elected to office. Parking tickets, speeding fines, towing service? Not a problem when you're a politician.